New Release – Falling from the Light

November 24th, 2014

FallingFromTheLight_800x1200The Night Runner series has been very special to me. When I wrote Don’t Bite the Messenger, it was deep winter in Alaska. For those of you who haven’t experienced it – the gradual darkening and growing cold – it’s pretty rough. Months of expanding darkness and deep cold take a toll on a person. Messenger was my escape – a book full of fast cars, vampires (both nasty and sexy), explosions, and Sydney Kildare, a heroine who would do whatever it took to get the hell out of dodge.


Running in the Dark was even more fun. For me. Maybe not for Syd, who I stuck low on a totem pole in a foreign place before surrounding her with uncertainty and homicidal enemies. Definitely not for Malcolm Kelly, who I saddled with responsibility and restrictions (two things the poor vampire loathes) so that he couldn’t carry Syd off into the sunset (you know what I mean) like he wanted to. But they fought, sometimes with each other but more often for each other, and they earned their place together.


And now I’m happy to announce the third book in the Night Runner series, Falling from the Light. This was a difficult book. Every time I struggled with a scene, it got worse for Syd and Mal. I struggled, a lot. And I finally got what I wanted. Nastier bad guys. Higher stakes. Rocks, hard places, and a whole lot of tough decisions. In this world, if you want a happy ending, you have to work for it.


ISBN-13: 9781502236265

ISBN-10: 1502236265

Buy or Borrow:  Amazon

Upcoming Release – Night Runner 2.0

October 27th, 2014

I am all kinds of happy to announce the third Night Runner book – Falling from the Light. I know it’s been awhile. I had to pause and write another novel at one point to up my skills so that I could twist this one just the way I wanted. That’s right. I had to LEVEL UP before I could finish this story.



That’s me with my sensei. Mostly we just hung out in silhouette, making elaborate shadow puppets. It was still hard, though, judgmental readers! But I did it. I toughed it out (and can now make an 8-point stag with flexible ears). All for you!


I also made a playlist. At the time, I believed I was procrastinating. Mostly because I don’t listen to music while writing. But now that playlist hits me right in the solar plexus of my feels, because this book, you guys. THIS BOOK.


It’s a bumpy ride, and it’s coming out November 24th. Blrub and pre-order links HERE. Add it to your Goodreads page HERE.

Subscribe to Romance!

October 3rd, 2014

RS_DontBiteTheMessengerWow! So Harlequin (including my Night Runner publisher, Carina press) has added 15,000 backlist titles to a subscription service at Scribd. It’s $8.99 a month to subscribe to a giganta-library of romance and adventure.

As a reader, I consider this a massive value. Seriously, once I stop bouncing and almost-dancing, I’m going to start searching for my favorite Harlequin-family authors.

You can find Don’t Bite the Messenger, my Alaska-based urban fantasy novella, and Running in the Dark, my Chile-based romantic urban fantasy novel, at Scribd.

If you’re leery of this strange new technology called sub-skrip-sheon, you can get a free three-month trial here. How many stories can you read for free in three months? A ka-zillion, that’s right.

What will authors earn from this subscription service? How kind of you to ask. If you read up to the 20% mark or beyond of a story, the author will be paid as if you had purchased the story individually. A good deal for all involved.

Aaaaand…new release news is about to drop for the Night Runner series, so I encourage you to refresh your memory and push it toward friends so you can scuttle about it together soon!

New Story – WWI Vet Meets Vampire Slayer Ingenue in 1920s

June 14th, 2014

Before I started writing I thought the old adage “write what you know” makes sense. Why wouldn’t you, I thought? It would be so difficult to write things that you didn’t know. WRONG. It’s boring as hell to write what you know. If I were to do that I’d be writing a diary, not fiction, and the diary would induce sudden-onset narcolepsy, from which the reader would NEVER RECOVER.

Anyway, write what you know is out and “write the shit that makes you laugh and cry and want and feel” is in, which is why I’ve written a short story set in 1920s Wichita. That’s prohibition-era, folks. What a perfect place to throw a WWI veteran and a lethal slayer who looks like a wide-eyed ingenue together. What a perfect time to stick them between rival gangs of bootleggers and vampires and let them figure their way out.

I’m posting the story – One Night in Wichita The Lady is a Killer – on Wattpad, for free, with scenes going up as I edit them. Find it HERE.

The blurb is below:


The Lady CoverWichita, 1920s – Bootleggers, speakeasies, vampires – oh my!

Jake Mathisen survived the Great War only to return home to find there’s little work for a pilot and, worse, the vampires of Europe have been emigrating to the States. Working for bootlegger Toliver Cain means good money, access to a sterling airplane, and enough free hooch that he doesn’t have to think too much about how Cain earns that money.

Until Cain dispatches him to drive Miss Vera Avery to a vampire house. The one job that Jake regrets, and the one that Cain uses to keep him close, involved the death of Vera Avery’s father. And while Vera plays the wide-eyed ingenue, there’s something hard inside of her. Could the blonde with the bright smile be as lethal as the vampires she’s sent to face and, if so, what’s going to happen when she finds out what Jake’s done?