Cover Reveal – Summoned Chaos

May 8th, 2014

I’m so pleased to present the cover for SUMMONED CHAOS, the second book by author and friend Joshua Roots.


Summoned Chaos Cover 2



If there’s one thing Warlock Marcus Shifter hates it’s the Delwinn Council, the governing body of the magical community. Between the grudges many on the Council harbor because he walked away from magic, and his suspicions that someone is working to undermine a twenty-year peace with the non-magical Normals, they really don’t get along.

Marcus has spent months hunting the traitor, infiltrating the Council and helping with “menial tasks” like repairing unstable rifts in the fabric of reality. But when he accidentally thwarts an assassination attempt at Delwinn HQ, the Council does the unthinkable: they appoint him the poster child for the peace movement.

Now Marcus has to not only figure out how to control his resurging powers but also navigate the potentially fatal waters of fame. Between the growing number of protestors, news-hungry paparazzi, and nightmarish beasts hounding his every move, he’ll need more than a camera-ready smile to uncover the traitor and keep the peace.

And don’t miss Undead Chaos, available now!



We dove into the woods at a full sprint, each in a different direction.

The creatures paused, sniffing the air as if trying to decide which one of us they wanted to pursue first.

Half of them chose to follow me.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” I said, huffing as I raced through the woods. I’d been so shocked by my experience with the rift that I’d completely frozen.

A better Warlock would have had combat spells at the ready.

A better Warlock wouldn’t allow himself to get distracted.

Running, however, loosened my mental constipation. I quickly flipped through my mental list of spells before settling on an oldie, but goodie. I scooped up a hunk of dirt, spun, and hurled it at the lead predator like a fastball. The mud-ball solidified, slamming into the beast’s head with a crack.

The puma didn’t even flinch.


If you’re new to this urban fantasy series, it’s FUN. Undead Chaos and Summoned Chaos feature an earnest hero with the moves and the attitude…and magical skills that come and go at inopportune times. Marcus has strong family support and a hilarious and varied fleet of friends – including my hands-down favorite minotaur IN ALL THE VERSE. But it’s his enemies that spur the considerable action and intrigue.


This is an adventure story full of magic, but it also has a twisty political mystery. Summoned Chaos releases on July 28th, but you can get to know Marcus Shifter and his merry peeps now in Undead Chaos. And you can catch Josh (hopefully not literally) in person at the Romantic Times Convention in NoLa next week!



UC Cover Lg 2Joshua Roots is a former Marine, car collector, and beekeeper. He enjoys singing with his a cappella chorus, playing video games, and reading comic books. He is still waiting for his acceptance letter to Hogwarts and Rogue Squadron. He and his wife will talk your ear off about their bees if you let them.